Composite Fillings by Your East Indianapolis Dental Office

To successfully treat a cavity, the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth needs to be removed and then filled with another substance that will protect the tooth and stop potential spreading. This process is called a filling. While there are multiple filling choices available, our East Indianapolis dental office utilizes composite resin fillings.


These popular composite fillings are also known as "tooth colored fillings" because the color and texture of the material most closely resemble natural teeth. When restoring your smile, we want to make sure that any work we complete looks and feels natural to you. These fillings provide top durability for small or medium cavities and typically require less of the tooth to be removed than for other filling material types. Because they look so natural, they're also a perfect treatment for teeth that are highly visible, mostly the ones in the front!


When can a composite filling be used for?

If Dr. Coffman of your East Indianapolis dental office believes you need a filling, you may have:

• A decayed tooth (i.e. a cavity)

• A chipped or broken tooth

• A decreasing gap between your teeth


How a composite filling is performed:

After the area where the filling is to be placed is numbed, Dr. Coffman will remove any decayed portions of the damaged tooth. Then, a substance will be applied that will help open the pores of the teeth so that a stronger bond can be created as its combined with the composite. The filling will then be applied in thin layers, slowly forming the finished product - your composite filling. After the composite has "set" and is hardened, Dr. Coffman will smooth it down to make sure it works best with your bite so you have maximum comfort and fit. The goal is to feel as if it's not even there so you can go back to your daily routine without a care in the world!


If you have any other questions about composite fillings, don't hesitate to contact your East Indianapolis dental office by calling our office at (317) 897-5093 today.

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