Dental X-Rays for Children

Dental x-rays are a standard diagnostic tool used in dentistry and pediatric dentistry. They are used to diagnose issues with the teeth that aren’t visible from the naked eye. As parents, you’re likely concerned with the amount of radiation your child is exposed to during an x-ray. That’s why Family Dentist Indianapolis put together this information so you can make an educated choice about your kid’s dental care.

Children’s X-Rays

Dentists agree to use a principle that says only to use dental x-rays when necessary. That’s why you won’t find dentist subjecting your child to x-rays “just because.” When x-rays are taken, every safety precaution is used to ensure that the exposure to radiation is minimal. That’s why newer technologies are being implemented that use less radiation to achieve a quality picture.

The common practice for children’s oral health care is to take x-rays during the thorough examinations only, or if there is a problem. This allows the dentist to see any issues stemming from problems they can’t see. Sometimes, children have cavities in the early stages and don’t know it. An x-ray allows the dentist to correct this quickly without pain or worry.

The dentist also takes great care to ensure that they pick the right type of image, the frequency and intervals of the images needed to get the job done with little effect on your child. The proper x-rays are a great tool to enabling your child the chance at having a healthy mouth, so you don’t want to deny your dentist the opportunity to do them when needed.

Your dentist’s main concern is for the welfare of your child. They won’t purposely do something that could cause them greater harm. Be honest about your concerns and work together to help your child have a healthy mouth and future.


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