Foods That Stain Your Teeth

When the enamel wears down in our teeth our teeth become more susceptible to discoloration or yellowing. Certain foods are guiltier than others at causing teeth to become stained and become less appeasing to the person who wants that white-looking smile.


It can cost more money to maintain a white smile, whether by buying at-home kits or having a dentist perform a whitening procedure at your appointment. By choosing to avoid certain foods you can help reduce staining that is caused to your teeth.


What Foods Cause Teeth to Stain:


      - Citrus foods and berries

      - Sports drinks

      - Food with curry

      - Hard candy

      - Red wine

      - Coffee or tea


Citrus Fruits and Berries


In the case of citrus fruits, despite their health benefits they are also high in corrosive acid. Corrosive acid aids in the wearing of tooth enamel which then result in the teeth becoming more susceptible to staining.


Berries also have a lot of sugar that lead to the increased development of acid in the oral cavity.


Sports Drinks


Sports drinks are often high in sugar and acids which also lead to the wearing of tooth enamel. Try quenching your thirst with water, which contains fluoride to aid in strengthening your teeth, or coconut water which has natural sugars and less acid than a sports drink.




Foods rich in curry, such as those found in beloved Indian cuisine are full of plant tannins and acids from the dry spices and marinades that are used to prepare the dishes.




Hard candy is high in sugar and can stick and lodge itself between your teeth and gums. Avoid this sugary treat that can lead to the formation of acids in your mouth and go for a more natural source like sweet grapes or honey to indulge your sweet tooth.


Red Wine


Just as curry has tannins, so does red wine also contain this stain causing component. If you love your wine, try switching to white which has less tannins compared to its darker friend.


Coffee and Tea


The darker pigment in coffee and tea are more likely to stain teeth that has already a weakened enamel.


Help in Preventing Stains


Avoid giving up your favorite foods by rinsing your mouth with water post-consumption. Like all food pleasures, moderation is key in having a healthy oral cavity. Contact your dentist today about Indianapolis IN Teeth Whitening, or ask them how you can better your diet to avoid these hazardous foods.

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