How Bad is Chocolate for Teeth?

The holiday season of chocolate is upon us, first Christmas, then Valentines Day. You might consume a bit more chocolate than normal. Have you ever thought about how bad chocolate could be for your teeth? It might surprise you to know that chocolate has many properties that are good for your body. Your Indianapolis cosmetic dentist breaks down types of chocolate below:
Is Chocolate Bad?
In recent studies, eating chocolate on a daily basis was shown to improve brain cognition. While that’s great for the brain, let’s take a look at the overall well-being of your teeth.
White Chocolate – This is the least beneficial variety of chocolate for your mouth and body. It contains an average of 17 grams of sugar per ounce and the least amount of helpful properties.
Milk Chocolate – This version contains an average of 15 grams of sugar per ounce which is more than dark chocolate. That’s because it is made from powdered milk, sugar and cocoa. In fact, only a small portion of it is actually the cocoa. 
Dark Chocolate – This is the best choice when eating chocolate as it only contains about 14 grams of sugar per ounce. It also contains polyphenols which fight the bacteria growth in the mouth. It also helps to fight against bad breath. In addition, you’ll find flavonoids in dark chocolate which slows tooth decay. Finally, you can expect to find antioxidants in dark chocolate. This could help to fight gum disease. 
Preventing Tooth Decay
You shouldn’t run right out and stock up on chocolate as it isn’t one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay. You are still looking at high sugar contents no matter which option you purchase and eating it should be done in moderation.
If you want to fight back against tooth decay, opt for these options instead:
Lower your sugar intake
Brush twice daily
Floss once per day
Eat a well-balanced diet
Drink plenty of water
Visit your dentist twice a year
So, go ahead and enjoy some chocolate this Valentine’s Day, but remember to take the steps to ensure good oral hygiene as well. If you have questions about how you can care for your mouth better, be sure to speak with your Indianapolis cosmetic dentist. Call Mitthoeffer Dental today at (317) 897-5093.
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