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Much like when getting on the first plane ride, parents should always go through the necessary precautions when preparing for their child’s first dental visit. It is unsurprising for children to act their ‘worst’ when exposed to an unfamiliar environment; this usually leads them to adapt to the situation, but sometimes, luck is never always on our side. It is okay for parents to worry as all couples with toddlers have this dilemma to push through, but just in case you will be faced with the worst, here are some tips on how to prepare your kids for their first dental visit.


- Talk to them about teeth and dental hygiene

It is always a good idea to introduce health and wellness to a child at an earlier age. This way, they are more inclined to go through safety and preventive measures in regard to their physical wellbeing. Start by introducing the teeth to them as helpful friends who help us be healthy by breaking down food so they will be easier for our stomach to digest. Any comical reference to dentures, depending on the child’s interests, may work wonders.


- Social Stories

Social stories are a big hit in pediatric therapy. This is when the parent introduces a social situation (visit to the dentist, in this case) and lays out how the child should act or behave. This way, the child takes your input and lives it out. Consequently, children pick up your actions more than words, so role plays and games are advisable at this point.


- Clean Up

Before heading off to the dentist, make sure the child’s teeth have been cleaned. Playing out dental scenes like teaching your child how to brush and count their teeth help them know what to expect when going to the dentist.


- Visit Before the Appointment

Think about maybe dropping by the dentist before the appointment to introduce the child to the new environment. Help the child get comfortable before visiting our family dentist in Indianapolis. It is advisable to bring children in for their first dental check-up just a little after their first couple of teeth have emerged. Although there is no need for any dental procedures during this first visit, it is pertinent that parents know all the do’s and don’ts when handling teeth that have just come out to the world.


If you have any more questions about your child's first visit to our office, give our family dentist in Indianapolis a call at (317) 897-5093.

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