East Indianapolis Dentist Shares The Tale of the Tooth Fairy

If you have children, you’ve likely spent lots of time talking about the tooth fairy. She’s such a part of our culture that she ranks right up there with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Have you ever given the time to figure out the story of the Tooth Fairy? Your East Indianapolis dentist has got you covered.
Losing Baby Teeth
Throughout the ages, losing baby teeth has been seen as a rite of passage. It doesn’t matter what culture or country, there is documented proof that the disposal of baby teeth brought forth various rituals with it.
Some cultures threw the baby tooth in a fire while others had the mothers swallow it. There are also some cultures that would bury the tooth. One of the most extreme occurred in Mexico, Russia and New Zealand where the tooth was sacrificed to a rat or mouse in hopes the adult teeth would grow strong. 
So, where did the tooth fairy come from?
Tooth Fairy History
She is actually a new concoction to Americans. She’s a blend of the sacrifice to the mouse and a European good fairy fantasy. The first appearance of the “tooth fairy” came as part of a play by Esther Watkins Arnold in 1927. Her appearance grew in popularity at the same time Disney was releasing films such as Cinderella and Pinocchio. 
The aspect of trading money signifies a child is turning into an adult. It’s the release of the childhood and a step into adulthood. 
What Do Most Tooth Fairy’s Pay?
Visa did a tooth fairy survey and found that in 2015, most kids received an average of $3.19 per tooth. That equals $64 for the mouth. 
Most of the time it’s just about what the parent has on hand when the child loses their tooth. That’s why it’s typically a $1 or $5 bill. Other parents keep golden dollars on hand to mark it as a special occasion. 
However you celebrate the loss of your child’s baby teeth, it’s important to teach them the importance of dental health. Teach them to treat their teeth right now, and they’ll thank you in the future.
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