Indianapolis Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Treatment Options for Front Teeth Erosion

Front teeth erosion, or dental erosion in general, is a common and painful dental condition. It is a condition where tooth enamel is worn down. The enamel is the outer covering of the tooth and is the hardest human tissue. It is the translucent covering of the crown. Today, our Indianapolis cosmetic dentist dives into the causes of tooth erosion and the best ways to protect your smile.


Causes of Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion occurs when acidic substances wear down the outer layer of the tooth. This is caused by a number of things such as:

● Excessive consumption of fruit drinks. Since some acids found in fruit drinks are more erosive as compared to battery acid.

● Excessive consumption of soft drinks, which contain high levels of citric and phosphoric acids.

● The presence of xerostomia or low flow of saliva in the mouth.

● Engaging in a high sugar and starch diet.


Treatment of tooth erosion

Front tooth erosion can be treated through the following:


Dental bonding

Mild teeth erosion can be treated using dental bonding. Dental bonding uses composite resin to cover the damaged area. The resin has the same color as the teeth, which makes it a good cosmetic procedure to treat teeth erosion. The whole dental process takes around one hour to finish and is usually completed in one visit to the dentist.


Dental crowns

For more serious cases of tooth erosion, a dental crown or veneer can be used to cover the damaged tooth. Aside from covering the tooth, it will also protect the damaged area. The crown or veneer will restore the proper function of the damaged tooth. Due to this, the patient can eat and drink without feeling any pain.


Preventing tooth erosion

Tooth erosion can be prevented by changing one’s diet. Consumption of fruit drinks and soft drinks can be reduced along with food rich in sugar and starch. When consuming acidic drinks, a straw should be used since it brings the liquid directly to the back of the mouth and avoids the teeth.


Tooth erosion is not the most severe dental conditions, but if the treatment is delayed, it may result in a more complicated dental concern in the future. Call your Indianapolis cosmetic dentist at (317) 897-5093 to schedule a consultation here at Mitthoeffer Dental to strengthen and protect your smile.

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