Family Dentist in Indianapolis Offers Range of Dentistry Procedures

Family members seeking a dentist in the area of Indianapolis who provides quality services for preventive care are welcome to contact Mitthoeffer Family Dental. Drs. Richard A. Coffman and Chanh Le work directly with patients to help them decide the best way to improve their appearance of their smile as well as the health. This is done using general dentistry procedures available in the practice. General dentistry focuses on the overall oral health of the smile and includes restorative and preventive solutions.


• Dental cleanings – a cleaning is the first step to improving the health of the smile. While patients brush and floss their teeth every day, they can still miss areas of the smile where plaque and tartar may develop. Cleanings by our dental hygienists are a great way to ensure the smile is well cared for.

• Dental examinations – a physical examination is performed after the initial dental cleaning at each six-month appointment. This examination may be paired with a dental x-ray to check the health of the teeth and gums underneath.

• Composite fillings – when decay is of concern, fillings can be used to seal off the tooth and keep problems from developing further. Fillings used in our practice are of composite resin bonding, a material that is safe and aesthetic to use when addressing decay.

• Root canal therapy – infection of the inner tooth can result in the need for root canal therapy. Root canal therapy removes the dental pulp from inside of a tooth and replaces it with gutta percha. The tooth is sealed with composite resin bonding and protected with a dental crown. This eliminates the need for extraction.


Drs. Richard A. Coffman and Chanh Le of Mitthoeffer Family Dental work with patients in the community of Indianapolis, IN to provide a wide selection of procedures to improve the health of the smile. Whether you are seeking a team to provide a simple cleaning or are considering an oral surgeon to complete root canal therapy, our team can assist. Call us today at (317) 897-5093 or with a personal visit to the practice at 2236 N. Mitthoeffer Road.

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